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Be Here Now.

Unfold Core Healing Principles with the Spiritual Psychology Education

Revealing the deeper magic of all you are through a unique system of meditations, exercises and practices.

The Spiritual Psychology Modules open the core intelligence of feeling - the direct experience of being alive.

As we open our feeling capacity, we come to life and life comes to us. A healing journey involves in which the soul reorientates to its essential purpose in being here in freedom. This translates as greater joy, fulfillment and an increased capacity to be of service to the whole - through manifold forms.

Review the 7 Year Syllabus

What did I come here to express?

From the core of yourself, for as long as you can remember, what have you been needing to express and to communicate to the world?

What did I come here to experience?

Since you were born, you've been attracted to certain kinds of experience. What compels you? What keeps you up at night?  

What did I come here to learn?

Some experiences are shocking, incongruous, and hard to digest. This is where the development is happening, often called Karma. 

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When you enroll for the Spiritual Psychology Education you begin a journey which will catalyze the revelation of your unique essence which comes with your talents, direction, and spiritual quality of life. 

Over 7 years, 5-Day modules take place each 6 months. You can take these online, or in person in Israel, the UK, the Netherlands or the US. These modules are taught by Georgi (in English) or Bart (Dutch and English) or if you're lucky, both!

The modules need to be taken consecutively as a safe way to facilitate the unfolding of subtle energy. Each module is certified under the auspices of the International School of Spiritual Psychology in the Netherlands.

Each module has a theme, and the consists of a core meditation, energy exercises using points and chakras, and integrated practices to facilitate the unfolding of experience. Courses have been described as intense, life-changing, yet grounded, relaxed and friendly.

There is plenty of space for each individual's process, and allocated time for questions, sharing, and whatever else is needed.

Georgi & Bart have decades of experience in supporting people through these processes of return to deeper naturalness, balance and harmony.