Syllabus of the 7-Year Spiritual Psychology Education with Bart & Georgi

SP I: Awakening the Field

Laying the foundations for the shift from the limitation of mind to the liberation of consciousness within the whole filed of experience.
This course introduces the ID, the seven main chakras, chakra pairs, the liver stream and the practice of observation.

What to expect:

  • Awakening of sentient awareness through the employment of the felt sense through body, heart and mind,
  • Depth access to the chakra system and exploration of the auric layers
  • Shifting into an inclusive dimension beyond polarity of up and down, through the language of the chakras.
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SP II: All About Vitality

Understanding vitality and releasing vitality as found in stored emotional charge through the chakra system, allowing a movement from the dimension of fear and threat to the freedom and expansion. This leads to an unlocking of a deeper sense of direction.

What to expect:

  • Dramatic change in the understanding of anger and fear, depression and stress,
  • Understanding how to read energy and energy blockage, encouraging the safe restoration of flow.
  • Unlocking core vitality and its circulation, beyond fear and threat.

SP III: Unleashing the Psyche

Understanding the structures of the mental aura in order to release restrictions of belief and thought, to allow the opening of higher mental functions in unity with the whole and in the deeper service of individual wellbeing.

What to expect:

  • Balancing left and right brain, and finding harmony in a wider back-drop of mind.
  • Unwinding unhelpful beliefs and shadow beliefs.
  • Deconditioning from false logic and unleashing refreshed freedom to experience.

SP IV: Birth, Death & Transformation

Deepening the understanding of the processes of birth and death through the opening of the felt sense at the core of the psyche. This includes an evocation of sensory experience in the womb and the first moments of birth.

 What to expect:

  • Transformative exercises and meditations to open pre-verbal somatic memory
  • Centering in the existential core that moves through time and space
  • Rebirthing in the here and now, releasing unconscious memory and restoring the connection to core wellbeing.

SP V: Healing through the Elements

Accessing the elemental dimension as the conduit between inside and outside, and physical and spiritual dimensions of ourselves. Catalyzing the manifestation of true nature through the unique alchemy of the individual. 

What to expect:

  • Opening cosmic consciousness through blending with earth, fire, and water.
  • Understanding how the elements relate through us physically and energetically.
  • Allowing the healing alchemy of the elements to work in both directions through physical, subtle and spiritual dimensions.

SP VI: The Sense of Truth

Sensory Satsang: Releasing and refining the sense of truth in processes of inner inquiry, meditation, contemplation and psychic exploration.

What to expect:

  • Clearances of energetic contractions connected with denial, repression, suppression.
  • Awakening the felt sense of truth and the felt sense of reality,
  • Deepening connection into essential dimensions through the deeper opening of the heart.

SP VII: All About Wholeness

Opening the fullest holistic recognition of the healing drives through the field of experience, primary among which is the drive toward wholeness.

What this module includes:

  • The use of symbols to enable pathways through dimensions
  • Awakening the felt sense of color vibration to introduce greater freedom in healing frequencies
  • New exercises to promote the release into wholeness, including the back of the body, above and below, and clearing collective areas of contraction (where consciousness gets caught in the suffering of separation)

SP VIII: The Art of Attunement

In this module, we facilitate the fearless and grounded opening and deepening of psychic ability. These  attunement practices help awaken the core of intuitive naturalness. It's not second nature, but a liberation of our original nature.

What to expect:

  • Releasing of emotional obstacles to the free-flow of true nature
  • Clearance of somatic residue of fear and pain-based limitation
  • Developing the power of empathy, telepathy and medical intuition within ourselves and in relationship with others.

SP IX: Grounding in Infinity

Using symbol and energetic structure to enhance the freedom to fly through the field of intimate possibility, and to deepen the art of suffering and being happy.

What to expect:

  • Working with the streams in the spine for central alignment
  • Expansion through dimensions of being.
  • Deepening embodiment, opening new vistas of promise.

SP X: Pure Awareness & the Creative Field

Deepening the balancing, centering and grounding of our essential being, in order to allow unlimited expansion as experience becomes increasingly unconditional.

This module includes:

  • Energetic streams to balance and regulate the autonomous nerve system.
  • Depth understanding of auric layers, or dimensions of experience.
  • Energetic depth processing of spiritual conflict and trauma.

SP XI: Sounds like a million colors

Opening the spine and the central channel, and further refining the felt sense through frequency and vibrations of light and sound.

What this module includes:

  • Allowing Kundalini and spiritual initiation through the central channel
  • Relaxation in the spontaneity of experience and psychic phenomena
  • Integration of the inner light with the outer light.

SP XII: Passion Pathways

Clearing the pathways of unconditional growth.

This module includes:

  • Clearance of all three depression points and allowing the movement through the spine.
  • Integration of horizontal and vertical flows of expression..
  • Recognition and purification of the residues of trauma, both intergenerational and from other incarnations.

SP XIII: Light & Dimensions

Opening the spiritual light in the physical expression, and learning to read the information of light in the communion through different dimensions of aliveness. 

  • The liberation of intuition, the inner teacher, channeling and connection with guides.
  • Confidence beyond collective fears as higher frequencies of bliss become acclimatized in the physical. 
  • Increased capacity to be conscious unconditionally in the here and now.

SP XIV: Opus Mundi

Inside-out and as above, so below: arriving in the fullness of true nature centered at the core of consciousness.

What to expect:

  • Opening the spaciousness to allow the unconditional flow of quality and talents
  • Adjustment to the quickened frequency of quality manifestation
  • Facilitating the joy of meeting positions through every Dimension of being unique in unity through unconditional togtherness.