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Nondual Imagination

How could imagination be a Nondual Quality? How does it's energetic presence allows us to flow from the impossible to the possible, from the formless to form? How does it create hell, and how can it create heaven? A deep dive into the core of our living purpose, as Georgi & Bart invite us to another evening online of contemplation, meditation and sharing.

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Nondual Therapy Mentorship & Practice Group

Two hours to practice together, share and consult around in the field of integrating Nondual Therapy, and bringing it to the life in the world. Open to all who are using the methodology from the book or have studied the applications of nondual therapy in various forms.

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Unleashing the Psyche

Beliefs can feel like prisons or our mind, heart and body. How can we shift our consciousness so they begin to work for us again - as tools to structure our lives - rather than against us? In Module 3 of the Spiritual Psychology program, we take 5 days to work with the energy of belief systems, releasing the mental aura, deepening embodiment, and true nature beyond belief!


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