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Nondual Medicine - NDT Practitioners Module 6

For experienced practitioners in Nondual Therapy.

October 6-10th 2023, 10-6pm Dutch time.

Live at the ISSP center at the Biotoop, Haren (Nr. Groningen), Netherlands.

This 5 day Nondual Therapy intensive explores the dynamic frontier between the physical body and the psyche.

  • How are the qualities of our True Nature at work in the transformation of conflict through dimensions?
  • What methods can be used to open the field of experience to allow healing to happen through pathways of wisdom and wholeness?
  • What are psychosomatic illness, and what core processes are involved, in the context of conscious awakening?
  • Depth healing. Are miracles possible? And how?

Participation includes a vegetarian lunch, and refreshments throughout the day.

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The I Am Here Masterclass:
3 Sundays this Autumn of Grace and Nondual Unfolding

Sunday 15th, 22nd & 29th October 2023, Online, 17:00-23:00 Israel time

Dedicate three Sundays to the liberation of consciousness, awareness and the perception through emptiness to consolidate the Nondual Shift into freedom through all dimensions of experience.
Based on the profound work: I Am Here: Opening the Windows of Life & Beauty, Georgi will personally accompany you through the stages of opening dimensions of wholeness at the core of all experience.
This masterclass is accompanied by an email flow of assignments and meditations, and includes life-time access to the online self-study contemplation zone of the I Am Here teachings.
This class is online. Registration includes attendance of all three Sundays.

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I Am Here Masterclass

Week 1: "I Am Here"
Sunday October 15th, 4-11pm, Online with Georgi

Conscious awakening through consciousness of consciousness. Exploring the parameters of TIME and transcending the limitations of binary mind.
Opening the pathways of embodiment and arrival in the here and now.

I Am Here Masterclass

Week 2: "Here Am I"
Sunday October 22nd, 4-11pm, Online with Georgi

Releasing into unbounded sentient awareness - the unconditional felt sense or soul level of direct and intimate vibratory experience. 
Exploring the parameters of SPACE and finding freedom in the spatial dimension of feeling.
Opening the pathways of release, prayer, and surrender to a higher power.

I Am Here Masterclass

Week 3: "Here I Am"
Sunday October 29th, 4-11pm, Online with Georgi

Exploring perception through emptiness, the liberation of perspective and spiritual freedom, leading to a settling in the heart and true nature.
Existential consolidations in as the one that is prior to perceptions of time, space or form, and who therefore can master time, space and form.

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Nondual Therapy Mentorship Classes

Are you a Nondual Therapy practitioner seeking to network practice and learn more tools at the integrative frontiers of nonduality, consciousness, and healing? Then these mentorship classes could be for you! 
Every last Thursday of the month at 18:00 GMT for three hours.
Study alone resource packages also available!

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Awakening the Field: Discover the deeper dimensions of being here in freedom.

In these 5 days, Georgi Y. Johnson will escort you on an experiential journey into the chakra system, with techniques for grounded energy healing, opening the intuition, and resourcing the hidden power of your own unique magic..

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All The Tools You Need To Bring Nondual Therapy to Life

Attend a live training or access Mentorship resources to compliment your healing practice in the clinic and beyond.

Prof. Naomi Sanderovsky

"Georgi and Bart are truly masters guides on the non-dual journey. With deep insights, profound levels of compassion and contagious levels of passion, they deliver more in a weekend than many years of therapy can yield. I cannot recommend their retreats enough!"

Steve Bannister, Physiotherapist, Breath-worker and Healer

"I could listen to Georgi and Bart share their wisdom all day long... and I often do on long car journeys.  It's an amazing course - Its also a real journey of self development at the same time…so bonus :)"

Yair Meimon, Classical Homeopath & Healer

"The Nondual Therapy course changed my life.
It gave me the possibility to heal a lot of deep issues in myself; and as a therapist, it increased my ability to deeply heal people."


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