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Nondual Learning

"Teacher is the partner of student. Learning has no opposite. In Learning, student and teacher are one." Bart & Georgi invite you to an evening of exploration, meditation and sharing around the Nondual Quality of Learning.

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Nondual Therapy Mentorship & Practice Group

3 hours to practice together, share and consult around in the field of integrating Nondual Therapy, and bringing it to the life in the world. Open to all who are using the methodology from the book or have studied the applications of nondual therapy in various forms.

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Touching the Magic of Enantiodromia

August 26-27th, 5pm - 11pm Israel time.

2-Day online workshop with Georgi alone to explore the the mysticism, magic ad healing power of Enantiodromia.

How do we energetically dance through a field of shadows, conflict, inner-split, and endless duality? Part of the secret is through the wisdom of Enantiodromia - the principle that when we go all the way, an appearance turns into its opposite.  

This workshop includes meditations, dream-work, and exercises to facilitate the opening to paranormal channels of psychic intuition and freedom within all form.


Rupture to Rapture NDT 2

Nondual Therapy Practitioners Training Module 2 ONLINE with Georgi & Bart (5 Day Training)

A radical nondual revision of the psychology of trauma, with exclusive clinical techniques to restore the naturalness and resilience of the  authentic self. 

*Participation in this course depends on Module 1 Nondual Therapy training either in person or through the study-alone format, or some prior experience of applying the techniques of Nondual Therapy or Spiritual Psychology.

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Pathways of the Heart NDT 4

Nondual Therapy Practitioners Module 4

7-11 October 2022

Meditations, exercises and partner work, to clear the pathways of integration and freedom of association through body, heart and mind.

  • Re-associate body, heart and mind in recovery from post traumatic stress
  • Integrate trauma through horizontal and vertical flows
  • Reclaim access to the healing qualities of consciousness 
  • Find direction through centering in essence.

The training is in person with Bart & Georgi at the Biotoop in Haren, Netherlands. 

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Prof. Naomi Sanderovsky

Georgi and Bart are truly masters guides on the non-dual journey. With deep insights, profound levels of compassion and contagious levels of passion, they deliver more in a weekend than many years of therapy can yield. I cannot recommend their retreats enough!

Steve Bannister, Physiotherapist, Breath-worker and Healer

"I could listen to Georgi and Bart share their wisdom all day long... and I often do on long car journeys.  It's an amazing course - Its also a real journey of self development at the same time…so bonus :)"

Yair Meimon, Classical Homeopath & Healer

"The Nondual Therapy course changed my life.
It gave me the possibility to heal a lot of deep issues in myself;
and as a therapist, it increased my ability to deeply heal people."

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