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Take a Leap Year moment for a Nondual Therapy Class!

Thursday February 29th 18:00-21:00 GMT online with Georgi & Bart

This month we explore rapport in the clinic or elsewhere. How do we support the process of finding an easy connection, relaxation, and trust in the intimacy of an unfolding process? 

All welcome!

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Calling all Nondual Therapy Practitioners!

Nondual Therapy Module 3: New Dawn Rising, moving to the depth of trauma and releasing the vertical flow.

Thursday March 7th - 11th 15:00-22:00 GMT online with Georgi Y. Johnson.

This 5 day intensive brings exclusive techniques from the domain of Nondual Therapy for the depth release of trauma through the opening of the vertical flow - as above so below.

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Learn Nondual Therapy

Learn Nondual Therapy to integrate in your practise at home or the clinic.

Thursday March 15th - 19th 15:00-22:00 GMT online with Georgi Y. Johnson.

This 5 day certified training will support the foundational shift into the Nondual world view where the qualities of true nature become active healing agents in support of all therapeutic processes.

The training online with Georgi Y. Johnson includes core meditations and a wealth of techniques to work with the liberation of the psyche and support in processes of awakening from fear to freedom.










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Prof. Naomi Sanderovsky

"Georgi and Bart are truly masters guides on the non-dual journey. With deep insights, profound levels of compassion and contagious levels of passion, they deliver more in a weekend than many years of therapy can yield. I cannot recommend their retreats enough!"

Steve Bannister, Physiotherapist, Breath-worker and Healer

"I could listen to Georgi and Bart share their wisdom all day long... and I often do on long car journeys.  It's an amazing course - Its also a real journey of self development at the same time…so bonus :)"

Yair Meimon, Classical Homeopath & Healer

"The Nondual Therapy course changed my life.
It gave me the possibility to heal a lot of deep issues in myself; and as a therapist, it increased my ability to deeply heal people."


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