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Hi, We're Georgi & Bart. We're happy that you're here! Let's make the most of it. 

We’re here to walk with you through insight & joy.

We are spiritual teachers who came together in a shared process of self-discovery and spiritual inquiry. We teach together and apart, but whether you meet with one of us or both, it's always an evolution of the two of us, and now you too!   

Bart was born in Leiden in Holland and studied medicine and psychology before going on to train in homeopathic medicine and spiritual healing with the late Bob Moore.

His unique combination of background knowledge with a deep psychic intuition and ability to support people at the depth in processes of inner growth and healing has led to an ever-expanding network of graduates and students. He is co-founder of the International School of Spiritual Psychology (ISSP) based in Holland.

Georgi is originally a thinker and writer - she graduated from Oxford and had an intense career in investigative journalism, that later became promotional copywriting. Little by little, she found a voice and the confidence to express directly from her own gut and wisdom. She is pioneering an art and science close to her heart - Nondual Therapy - and has authored three books on the subject, with a fourth on the way. Sign up for special access and pre-releases!

A Gift to Our Future Self

"Dotted everywhere, ironic points of light flash out wherever the just exchange their messages."

W.H. Auden

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