The Nondual Psychology of the Scapegoat

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Are you the one that always got blamed? The black-sheep? The whistle-blower? The one that didn't belong? Georgi explores the spiritual psychology of the scapegoat, showing the redemptive power of this particular structure of karma. We move rapidly to judgement about the phenomena of scapegoating others (partly based on our deep conditioning to blaming perpetrators while ignoring victims), but how does it really feel to be a scapegoat? And what is the deeper magic within it?

In this video, Georgi discusses the dynamic transformation from dissociated scapegoat to powerful healer, centered in an uncompromising flow of all the qualities of True Nature.



Nondual psychology is a branch of psychology that draws from the wisdom traditions of nonduality, such as Advaita Vedanta, Buddhism, Taoism, and mysticism. Nonduality is the recognition that there is no separation between oneself and reality, that one's true nature is awareness itself. Nondual psychology aims to help people transcend the illusion of duality and discover their true nature, which is beyond the ego, the mind, and the body

Scapegoating is a phenomenon that occurs when a person or a group is blamed for the problems or failures of another person or group, often resulting in prejudice, discrimination, or violence. Scapegoating serves as a way to avoid responsibility, project negative emotions, and maintain a positive self-image. It is based on the inability to contain certain emotions or frequencies of energy, and the abuse of a target entity (family member, ethnic group, etc.) as being the repository of these energies. In this, the scapegoat embodies and transforms the rejected unconscious content of the chief power-brokers.

Scapegoating is based on the assumption that there is a separation and a conflict between oneself and the other, and that one's identity and well-being depend on being superior or dominant over the other. In this, it involves a power complex, showing that a healing dynamic is happening around the Nondual Quality of Power (duality: victim & perpetrator).

Nondual psychology can offer a different perspective on scapegoating, by challenging the underlying beliefs and assumptions that fuel it. It's focus is on reconnecting all parties with the authentic, nonpersonal, formless universal source of power that runs through all living beings.

Nondual Therapy can help us to:

• Recognize that scapegoating is a form of ignorance and delusion, based on a false sense of self and reality. Scapegoating is not only harmful to the scapegoat, but also to the scapegoater, as it reinforces their egoic attachment and suffering

• Realize that we are not separate from the scapegoat, but rather connected and interdependent with them. The scapegoat is not an enemy or a threat, but rather a reflection and an expression of our own consciousness.

• Understand that the problems or failures that we blame on the scapegoat are actually rooted in our own mind and emotions. The scapegoat is not the cause of our anger, fear, or guilt, but rather a trigger or a mirror for them.

• Transform our negative emotions into compassion and wisdom, by acknowledging and accepting them, rather than projecting or denying them. By facing our own shadows, we can heal our own wounds and free ourselves from our own limitations.

• Express our authentic feelings and needs in a respectful and constructive way, without harming ourselves or others. By communicating honestly and assertively, we can resolve conflicts and create harmony with ourselves and others.

Nondual Therapy can help us heal from scapegoating by teaching us to embrace it as an opportunity for growth and awakening. By transcending the illusion of duality and discovering our true nature, we can experience peace, joy, and love that are independent of external circumstances.

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