Feeling Shame or Disgust? Where is the Purity?

Shame embarrassed


Purity is part of our True Nature, and reconnecting with this arch quality will bring lifetime support in negotiating all those areas where we experience loss, trauma, fragmentation, anxiety, and senselessness. When we are shocked in our purity, we suffer shame, and where that shame is insufferable, we feel disgusted. By degrees, patterns involving the avoidance of shame and difficulties with disgust, begin to control our direction, limiting our freedom and confusing our sense of wellbeing. We shrink in fear, denying and forgetting our essence.

When we can experience these areas of suffering through the Purity of consciousness, resilience is born which deflates the confabulating effect of shame. In this, the purity of consciousness empowers us at the core, relativizing and deflating the discomfort of shame and disgust. Life simply becomes easier to handle.

A process of purification begins in which unconscious shame, deeply buried in the psyche, begins a momentum in which each element returns to itself in freedom. Through purity, we are liberated from the obligation to pretend.

Purification being highly infectious, purification of oneself necessarily leads to the purification of one’s surroundings.”


Likewise, when feelings of disgust or repulsion are honored, the stress is lifted off the physiological layer of experience as the origin of the sense of aversion is uncovered and respected. This brings relief to the enteric nerve system (the brain in our gut) and supports us in finding optimal direction in real-time. Imagine the advantage of knowing, immediately, if it is something you ate that is triggering nausea, an old trauma, or perhaps a direct intuition of danger in the environment in the here and now! When we can experience pure shame, or pure disgust, a fearless wealth of pure experience unfolds before us.

Purity is a queen to rule all qualities. She is not weak or childish but rather shines with the powerful, unconditional intelligence from within all creation. Where there is compassion, she brings pure compassion. Where there is power, she shows pure power and the power of purity. Where there is pain, she liberates through the needles-eye of pure aliveness. To every moment she brings the remedy of the essence of that moment. Her wisdom is what makes us whole. Her spirit revives the sense of who we truly are. Her imprint guides the body in protection, healing, and celebration.

Out of the turmoil and error of our life the one precious flower of the spirit begins to unfold, the four-petaled flower of the immortal light, and even if our mortal consciousness should not be aware of its secret operation, it nevertheless does its secret work of purification.


A 3-Day Experiential workshop on the Nondual Quality of Purity - April 29th-May 1st 2022

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