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Pathways of the Heart

This in-person 5-day practitioner training with Georgi & Bart is open to all practitioners of Nondual Therapy and to graduates from Phase 1+ of the Spiritual Psychology Education.


Pathways of the Heart

 650 Euros

7th-11th October, 2022

10 am - 6 pm each day (Dutch time).


In Nondual Therapy, the heart is the center of integration in processes of healing.


With meditations, exercises and partner work, we learn to opening the pathways of integration and freedom of association through body, heart and mind.

  • Re-associate body, heart and mind in recovery from post traumatic stress
  • Integrate trauma through the horizontal and vertical flow of experience
  • Reclaim direct access to the healing qualities of consciousness and true nature
  • Find direction through centering in the unique essence of the individual in unity.

This 5-day training enhances personal healing through professional development. It offers grounded techniques and exercises to use in clinical work as well as in daily life.

The training takes place at the Chashymie Center in the Biotoop in Haren, near Groningen in the Netherlands. 

A vegetarian lunch is served each day.

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650 euros for the 5-day training.

Book early to secure your place! (24 people max) 

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