Nondual Therapy: How to Heal Your Mind, Body, and Soul by Embracing the Oneness of Reality

"All creation is formed through duality. The nondual source is what sets creation free."

What is Nondual Therapy?

Nondual therapy is a revolutionary healing modality pioneered by Georgi Y. Johnson and Bart ten Berge, through exploring the power of consciousness and the intelligence of direct experience. It is a modality that uses knowledge of combines scientific insight, psychological and psychosomatic research, subtle energy, the felt sense, and core mystical wisdom.

The Nondual approach recognizes the nondual nature of reality, which means that there is no separation between the self and the world, between the subject and the object, or between the observer and the observed.

Nondual therapy is helping  people heal from their psychological suffering by bringing them into alignment with their true nature, which is beyond any identification with thoughts, emotions, sensations, or stories.

It also supports people in accessing more compassion, empathy, and kindness towards themselves and others.

How can Conscious Awakening support our healing?

Consciousness is a term that has many meanings and interpretations, depending on the context and perspective. However, one possible way to define consciousness is the state of being aware of oneself and one's surroundings.

In the Nondual approach, Consciousness is understood as essential, at the core of who, what, and where we are, beyond our physical body and mind.

Consciousness can be part of what makes us whole and what heals us, depending on how we relate to it and cultivate it. On one hand, consciousness can help us to integrate and harmonize our different aspects, such as our thoughts, feelings, sensations, and actions. It can also help us to connect and empathize with other beings, such as humans, animals, plants, or the divine. Consciousness can also help us to heal from our wounds, traumas, or illnesses, by bringing awareness, acceptance, and transformation to our suffering. For example, some forms of meditation, mindfulness, or therapy can use consciousness as a tool for personal growth and healing.

On the other hand, consciousness can also be a source of conflict and pain, depending on how we identify with it and attach to it. It can also create a sense of separation and isolation from ourselves and others, if we are not aware of the underlying unity and interdependence of all existence.

Consciousness - when it is empowering certain thought forms that are limited by notions of the survival of the separate self - can also prevent us from healing, if we resist or deny the reality of our situation.

For example, some forms of egoism, narcissism, or delusion can use consciousness as a weapon for self-aggrandizement and harm.

When consciousness is free from entrenchment in limited identity, emotional agenda, or patterns of somatic trauma, then it has the possibility of transmitting healing qualities to those areas of suffering.

In a therapeutic environment, the Nondual Therapist offers that freedom of consciousness t the whole blend of client and practitioner. 

When consciousness is free, the qualities of consciousness emerge in freedom. We call these qualities of True Nature "Nondual Qualities" and they include vibrations of love, peace, truth,  freedom, innocence, to name just a few.

There qualities have been shown to have a direct healing impact on mind, heart and even our physical health.

Where there is a conscious awakening, there can be a movement from hell-loops to spirals of healing.

And this makes all the difference to the very nature of experience, which itself informs the fabric of our outer reality.


This woman is so brilliant and her struggle to get to the core of understanding issues is both fascinating and inspiring.



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Now I totally get it and recognise within my own life... By this acceptance of every experience one becomes free of the dual state of perceived good and bad. And one becomes more free.