One day, Compassion fell in love with Freedom.   

What happened next is the unfolding (R)evolution we call Nondual Therapy. 

Nondual Therapy is bringing healing to a whole new dimension. A dynamic new modality integrating ancient nondual wisdom with the fine frontiers of science and therapeutic skills, Nondual Therapy can enrich and support every area of personal process and clinical work.  

Next Module: April 21-25, 2022

Nondual Therapy Module 1

New dimensions of healing and healing through new dimensions.

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All The Tools You Need To Integrate Nondual Therapy into your world.  

Topics covered include:

  • Freedom & Choice - the field of infinite possibility.
  • The suffering of separation - the healing wisdom of unity and interdependence.
  • Consciousness as a nondual quality resource.
  • Vibrational fields – opening the Felt Sense.
  • Contraction, expansion, and nondual freedom.

The Healing Power of Consciousness

How can conscious awakening and the simple experience of being, here, now, promote greater wellbeing through mind, heart, and body?

Nondual Quality Resourcing

The power of peace, the impact of freedom, the balm of belonging. Open the rejuvenating power of True Nature. Opening the felt sense.

Interactive and Multimedia

A 5-Day experiential training mentored by two of the world's leading pioneers in spiritual psychology and the application of Nondual wisdom.

Pioneering human quality and potential with Georgi & Bart.

Georgi is author of three books including Nondual Therapy - The Psychology of Awakening. Bart has decades of wisdom and experience pioneering spiritual psychology and healing in Europe and across the world.

Together, they invite you to take part in this journey of exploration and discovery of the magic of true nature.

What does Time have to do with Healing?

The healing impact of consciousness, here, now.