Nondual Therapy - The Psychology of Awakening

In Nondual Therapy Georgi Y. Johnson offers tools to release energetic contractions in the psyche, through the healing power of Nondual Qualities. This is a new healing modality, through which you'll discover:

  • The evolutionary form of the human psyche
  • The transformative power of Nondual Qualities
  • How to recognize and release energetic contractions
  • When to engage and when to 'let go'
    How to manifest individuality in unity.
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Nondual Passion - A Quality of Consciousness in Nondual Therapy

Passion is a path-breaker, resting on the wisdom that everything passes. Now is the time to open the nondual adventure. In this book, you'll journey into the quality of passion unveiling purpose, direction, choice, happiness, and fulfillment.

  • Find purpose at the core of suffering.
  • Clear passages through densities of boredom.
  • Recenter from addiction and emotional bypass.
  • Heal and resource the body, mind, and spirit.
  • -Rise into compassion and wisdom.
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I Am Here - Opening the Windows of Life & Beauty

An advanced treatise of nonduality elucidating the three dimensions of  perception, consciousness, awareness and emptiness. These windows show up as thought, feeling and physical sensation; or mind, heart and body.

This deeply holistic text reveals mysteries of form and ways to drop into the formless.

Topics covered include: 

  • The active and receptive flow of subtle impression
  • Hell zones, dark nights and purgatory processes in the liminal or subconscious fields of experience.
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Nondual Passion: Audiobook (download & on site) 

Narrated by Georgi, the Nondual Passion audio book walks you through a journey while you walk through your life. 

Topics in Nondual Passion include:

  • The true nature of suffering
  • Finding true purpose
  • From habit to ceremony, transforming addictive patterns
  • Feeling inquiries into background fields of boredom
  • Trauma, ancestral trauma, passion & purpose
  • Passion & the collective fields
  • Passion and physical health
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