The Kitchen

Explore, Engage, Contribute to the Evolution of Consciousness and the Realization of True Nature.

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Do you love to interact online about nonduality and healing?

We are offering 3 months free access to the Nondual Kitchen - the world's only online resource exploring the healing power of true nature.
All you need to do is post at engage at least 10 times within the kitchen through comments/questions in response to the content.

It's a fun way to help awaken the conversation and explore Nondual Qualities at the same time. Is it for you?

What is the Nondual Kitchen?

The Kitchen is a safe space where we post content from Georgi Y. Johnson and Bart ten Berge on Nondual Therapy, and Conscious  Awakening. There are hundreds of videos, audio files and guided meditations, as well as exclusive content from Georgi's books.

The vision of the Kitchen is interactive, and we welcome contributions from across the board to raise the voice and evolve the whole field of Nondual Therapy through all integrations.

I'm excited. Sign me up!