Bart ten Berge

Spiritual teacher and healer, medical intuitive, Clinical psychologist,  MD


"Meetings with Bart bring the essence of me to life. For the first time in a long time I feel connected."

Many have chosen Bart ten Berge as their spiritual teacher and guide in their lifetime journey. Still more tap into his field through their felt-sense and dreams when they seek guidance. His humility, fearless integrity, warmth, sharp intuition, and unconditional care has created a paradigm shift in quality for students  spanning from Alaska through to Israel, the UK, and of course, his native Holland.

Bart is the architect and inspiration behind the seven-year Spiritual Psychology education (still sometimes called “The Healing Principle”). This depth method of nondual healing is offers a holistic and unrivalled journey of inner-growth and self-discovery. The system system has trained generations of high-quality practitioners of depth psychology and embodied healing around the world.

The ISSP teachings were born from a unique blend of  the teachings of Bob Moore, and Bart’s  qualities and insights as a medical doctor, intuitive, psychologist, classical homeopath, and spiritual healer.

For a limited time, Bart is accepting new clients and students from around the world through ZOOM. Would you like to be one of them?

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