Resource packages to bring Nondual Therapy to life

Access multimedia packages from Nondual Therapy training events.

The training packages include:

  • Multimedia material from focused Nondual Therapy trainings and mentorship events,
  • PDF manual of exercises and techniques,
  • Guided meditations to support the practice of exercises,Ā 
  • Bonus resources from the Nondual Therapy archives.

Living the Dream

This is a pre-order for November 1st!
Reverse engineering the dream of everyday life to awaken the processing abilities that guide us back to the source of our longing, and the core of True Nature.

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Pleasing behaviors and self-sabotage

The psychodynamics of pleasers and pleasing, with techniques of how to kindly unhook the pattern, and liberate the authentic bad-ass of true nature.


Bliss in the Clinic

Explore the powerful healing agent of bliss, and how it's transmission enables the healingĀ flow of consciousness though dimensions of body, psyche, true nature.


Depth of Denial

Exploring the energetic interplay of desire, denial and core direction in a clinical setting.


All About Sleep

The beauty, mystery and healing power of sleep. Insights and tools, from disorder, to active resource.


All About Depression

Learn approaches from Nondual Therapy for the understanding and  treatment of depression.


Psychosis: Causes & Approach

How Nondual Therapy works with psychosis, resourcing awakenings and attending to underlying pain.


The Here and Now

Healing happens here and now. Learn how Nondual Therapy resources time and space.


Imposter Syndrome

What is Imposter Syndrome? Learn how the sense of invalidity can indicate trauma and precede Nondual Awakening.


Grief & Loss

The wisdom of impermanence. An awakened approach to loss-based awakening through cycles of grief, preservation and joy.


Releasing Family Patterns

Finding the thread of True Nature within ancestral family patterns.


The Still Small Voice

Resource package of recordings and practices from the one day live event in Israel and online.

  1. What is the Still Small Voice and how do we hear it?
  2. Opening Clairaudience and depth listening
  3. Restoring the inner authority through therapeutic conversation
  4. Tracing the deeper impulses and hearing the call

Healing the Trauma that Blinds us

5 resourceĀ packages in a flow - from the 5 day in-depth training at the frontier of nondual psychology and trauma therapy.Ā 
Topics covered include:

  1. The True Nature of trauma
  2. The energy psychology of shock
  3. Working with trauma energy
  4. Balancing and centering methodologies to release contractions on memory
  5. Understanding quality complexes and conflicts in traumatic states