Are you a Nondual Therapy (R)evolutionary?

Become part of the global shift into nondual awareness and consciousness awakening that is empowering an explosion of True Nature.

Nondual Therapy lives as a healing force in the space between unity and unique expression. This healing force is found in the primal drive toward wholeness.

Following the pioneering work of Georgi Y. Johnson and Bart ten Berge, we are offering a way to enter the full flow of resources for self-development and healing, and for work with others.

With the VIP track, you get an absurd host of resources, including kitchen access, free classes, free online sessions, and endless resource packages. Everything that you need to begin to bring Nondual Therapy to life. 



Monthly 1:1 sessions via Zoom with Georgi Y. Johnson



Monthly mentorship classes to learn and practice the life-changing techniques of Nondual Therapy.



Weekly meditation meetups with the global I Am Here Community


Unlimited access to the Nondual Kitchen - a vast database of talks and meditations on True Nature.


Don’t wait! Start the adventure now to make the most your VIP membership



From the moment you register, the connection begins, and the healing momentum begins to unfold. Just make sure you mark our mails as "not spam" to get all the latest offerings.

Nondual (R)Evolutionary VIP

$198 p/m

The Nondual Therapy highway to compassion and awakening

  • Unlimited access to the Kitchen (value: $19.99 a month)

  • Unlimited access to meditations (value $40 a month)

  • Monthly individual session with Georgi (Value $95)

  • Free access to Nondual Therapy mentorship groups (Value $79 a month)

  • All resource packages from monthly Mentorship groups ($29 each with 8+ already available - $232)

  • 15% discount on all Nondual Therapy trainings and events

  • VIP treatment with priority scheduling for emergencies and real-time consultation through Whatsapp.

  • Emails delivering a flow of qualities and talks to keep you centered in True Nature

  • Member discounts on books & events

  • I AM HERE Community

  • I AM HERE affiliate program.

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