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The Matter of Choice

"What is the one true choice?"

A voice asked me this as I was driving back from the airport through the 3 am darkness on Israel's road 6 that often skirts the border of "Us" and "Them" - the so-called "green line", the divider between peoples, the artifice and absurdity of nationhood in this area. 

"What is the one true choice?"

I was toward the end of writing Nondual Therapy - a book which pioneers the understanding of the role of consciousness in healing, transformation and wellbeing. The philosophy of the book depends on the shift from dictating reality from the mind, to experiencing reality directly - opening the felt sense. It also rests on the principle of oneness - so the question, you see, of "What is the one true choice?" was not a multiple choice, but an experiential journey.

Contemplating the experience of choice, and the oneness of nonduality on that drive led to Choice becoming the first quality of consciousness to be addressed with its own chapter in the book Nondual Therapy - The Psychology of Awakening. It also led to the continuing unfolding of insights such as those shared in this week's podcast. Do we have free will? Can we be free of or within suffering? Are free to investigate?

Here are some of the core insights around the paradigm shift in how we could thing about free choice:

  1. Our one true choice divides into a primal duality between suffering and resistance (the basis of binary mind). It's a choice of attitude, which is free in any moment, like a safety valve. Suffer - resist - resist - resist - suffer...
  2. The one true choice is a dimension - a space of pure mental freedom. It's not the decision taken. It's not the action. It's not the direction. It's not even our attitude. It's the space we go to of the nondual-mind in order to take any decision at all. Choice enables action. It is not defined by it.
  3. When we take a decision, the dimension of choice is not lost. It's always here, through multiple layers or reflex, habit, decision, belief and attitude. It's a timeless and infinite space of freedom.

We are so hard-wired to believe that choice is a thing that we do, or an option that we take, that we blind ourselves to the freedom which is always here - even when we experience limitations. The bright light of choice is always here. We can rest in it as a resource of timeless and infinite potential that moves beyond physical life.

It's a game-breaker, and an entry point to the aliveness of all we are, and all we can become.

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The partner of suffering is resistance.

Choice has no opposite.

In Choice, resistance and suffering are one.