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Psychosis in the Clinic - Nondual Therapy Practitioner Resources

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While psychosis is a huge subject, we will share the fundamental understandings from Nondual Therapy that can clear the way to many healing opportunities.

Psychosis is all about fear, and often therapists are also afraid to work with clients in psychosis. In this meetup, we'll deepen our understanding of what is happening in psychosis, and share therapeutic approaches, skills and techniques, to increase practitioner confidence,
Topics touched on include:

  • What is psychosis and how do we recognize it?
  • How to approach psychosis with energy work.
  • Where to invest and where to disinvest.
  • Identifying the underlying intolerance and associated nondual resource.
  • Nondual emergence, and spiritual emergency: navigating the crisis.

What you'll get:

  • Recordings from the live event, including talks, sharing, and explanations of exercises and partnerwork.
  • PDF work-book
  • Bonus resources

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