$10.00 USD or more

Wednesday Meditations APRIL 2024

In 2020, the global pandemic broke the world open, highlighting a need for international community and connectivity of awakened souls across borders. In the chaos and uncertainty, we found a new kind of togetherness in another kind of time, and in a quality space.

We are still here, three years later and counting, every Wednesday, always here for you.

We are aware that this is a time of economic pressure. We're feeling it too! If at any stage you feel the calling to donate toward the sustenance of the meditations and other activities, beyond what you are already giving (and what is tremendously appreciated), you can do that here.

All proceeds from these meetups are funneled back into outreach activities with the I Am Here Community, including the meditations, social media channels, and study scholarships. Every little bit helps.


Bart & Georgi