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Bliss in the Clinic - Nondual Therapy Resource Package

This is a pre-order, to be delivered after the event by September 4th, 2023.

Bliss is a tremendous healing agent, moving us beyond the polarity of pleasure and pain; and mind and body. Yet there is so much fear around bliss, due to body issues, that we often personalize, reject and entangle with it. In this session, we will explore clinical safeguards to deeply open the healing resource of bliss for ourselves and others.

  • Mechanics of bliss in the interplay with pleasure and pain.
  • Tickling the amygdala - the switch from fear to bliss.
  • The elevation from physical bliss to spiritual bliss and back.
  • Boundaries and freedom in transmissions of bliss.

What you'll get:

  • Recording of the live event
  • PDF work book
  • Bonus resources

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