March 21-27 2025, Glastonbury UK

i-Exist 2025

Join Bart ten Berge & Georgi Y. Johnson for this active spiritual retreat exploring the core of consciousness from the inside-out. The retreat includes teaching, Satsang, and outfoor activities into nature, culminating in a private meditation within the Stone Circle of Stonehenge. 


Cost of the retreat (not including accommodation): £1185

Early bird discount until October 31st 2024: £985 *

Deposit to secure your place: £250 (to be deducted from the final payment)

*Installments of up to 12 months are available. Invest in the "you" of 2025!
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Over the 6 days we spend together we'll be opening the formula that turns old familiar hell loops into the revelation of the healing spirals of true nature.

This experience gives a mastery at the timeless core where you exist before, behind ad after all processes of transformation.


We are all unique, yet the delight is exponential when we move together through waves of Nondual Quality. Here, it's possible to release areas of suffering between the individual and the whole and to find new depths of relaxation in unconditional oneness.

Healing mind, heart, body

True Nature spirals through all dimensions of experience.  We'll be learning how to allow and empower that healing flow, inside and out. 

Landmark Moments

There are moments of fulfillment that are imprinted forever at the deepest layers of all we are. These moments bring quality, purpose, and resource to the whole art of living. At i-Exist 2025, we'll bring the architecture to allow such moments to happen.

Venture the ADVENTURE.

Falling in love with love. Celebrating the celebration. Finding freedom within freedom. Resting as peace with the energy of peace.

Each day we'll be working with a healing spiral, inside-out, allowing the spirals to take a life of their own as the deeper, ingeneous dance of true nature through all we are.

The varied program includes classes, healing sessions, meditations and exercises to facilitate the possibilties of experience. Around this are field-trips to different energetic centers and power-spots of true nature in the local environment.

Within a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, you'll be free to weave in and out, speed up and slow down, according to the unfolding magic of your own process.

We're here for you!

"i-Exist was a highlight experience of my life. It brought magic into everything."

Gemma, USA

"We were a tribe from all over the world, of all ages. But we shared something so precious and alive - a joy beyond words." 

 Akito, Japan

i-Exist 2025 with Georgi & Bart

It Starts here. 

Dig deep and discover who you really are. The retreat takes careful planning, ao participants are finalized quite early. Save your spot today!



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